Multi-Location Inventory

Multi-Location Inventory

Multi-Location Inventory (MLI) will manage inventory for organizations that have stock at different stores or locations. Once installed, clients can see and manipulate inventory, whether it’s in their back room, mobile storage units, across the street, or across the country.

Quickly establish the location(s) of your stock items, print reports, and monitor your items via location, sales, SKU, or any other custom filter. MLI will help identify trends and remember inventory movement to increase revenue and prevent lost revenue.

Multi-Location Inventory is part of the Denali Inventory control process.

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Key Benefits of Multi-Location Inventory

  • Manage/Track your whole inventory across multiple locations from a single system
  • Keep notes for adjustment transactions and stock items that you can view in Sales
  • Conveniently monitor, transfer, and reorder stock to meet demand
  • Store and view barcode numbers, stocking codes, bin location, and warehouse location for each inventory item
  • Reduce opportunity for technical difficulties and/or operator error
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