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Enhanced Reporting

Enhanced Reporting

With Cougar Mountain Software’s Enhanced Reports, you can choose from our most popular report modifications designed for customers just like you. Enhanced reports are not included in your initial Denali purchase, but can be added as enhancements to your Denali software. Once installed, these reports are permanently available on your system. Browse our selection of Enhanced Reports below and see if any of these could help your organization gain new insights. Installation of each report requires pre-purchased Crystal Minutes in addition to the cost of the report.

Some of our Enhanced Reports require the Crystal Reports Add-on. Click the button below or contact your account executive to purchase any report!

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The following Enhanced Reports do not require the Crystal Reports Add-On.
Click the report name for an example of each report.

Allows check-stub-stub layout in Immediate and Print Check formats
Allows check-stub-stub layout when printing checks
Removes the Tender Type at the bottom of the form
AR – Statements
Revises the AR Statement report to look more like CMS Pro
Revises the report to show a single line summary

The following Enhanced Reports require the Crystal Reports Add-On.
Click the report name for an example of each report.

Revises the report so that transactions are listed by GL date
Displays your top 75 Sales customers
Provides a unique ‘snapshot’ view of your inventory
Shows the status of your employees
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