NeonCRM Certified Partner

Cougar Mountain Software has partnered with NeonCRM to bring you enhanced donor and grant management tools, plus campaign management to help your nonprofit grow.

Founded in 2004, NeonCRM designs software specifically for nonprofits to help manage the unique needs of nonprofit organizations.

Fundraising is a key part of any nonprofit and keeping track of donors and money raised can sometimes be a challenge, but by adding NeonCRM, donor and grant management has never been easier!

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Features of NeonCRM and Denali FUND:

  • Import recurring, anonymous, and memorial donations directly into General Ledger
  • Track grant applications
  • Access email campaign tools
  • Manage donor relationships, run campaigns, and track volunteers
  • Access NeonCRM through any device with internet access
  • Collect donor information and payments through web-based forms
  • Receive donations from anywhere through a mobile app
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