ArcWorkflow by Archarina

ArcWorkflow provides your organization with a user-friendly platform upon which you can build smart, repeatable processes. Drive your business forward with streamlined step-by-step procedures and clear documentation. Easily implement variable process variations, improvements, and keep your users informed of those changes with alerts and automatic status updates.

Not only does ArcWorkflow make it easy to create elegant procedures, but it enables your users to easily reference, collaborate, and track projects from start to finish. Escape the mania of a disorganized workforce and take it to the next level with ArcWorkflow.

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Key Benefits of ArcPortal

  • Easily create and implement process workflows
  • Make constant improvement in your efficiencies
  • Multi-level alerts and status updates
  • Implement variable process variations and improvements
  • Easily embed important documentation and safety warnings
  • Track Project status from beginning to end of a process
  • Process sign-off and verification at every step
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