ArcTimeTracking is a cloud-based application that allows your employees to enter and track the time they spend on various projects. They can clock their daily work hours and easily submit time cards for approval, all from an easy-to-use online interface. Admins have additional access and permissions, where they can review, edit, and approve submitted timecards. 

In addition, ArcTimeTracking provides a suite of reporting tools, that allows you to easily breakdown how much time was spent on various job codes, calculate overtime, PTO, and optimize efficiencies. Take your timecards to the next level! Learn more about ArcTimeTracking today!

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Key Benefits of ArcTimeTracking

  • Allows employee’s to Clock-in/out through easy-to-use online interface
  • Track hours across separate job codes/projects 
  • Easily submit, review, and approve employee work hours, overtime, and PTO
  • Detailed reports that provide insight and optimization
  • Direct integration with Denali

ArcTimeTracking Video:

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