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Point of Sale Module

Denali’s Point of Sale software (POS) is configurable for just about any size business or organization, from a small gift shop to a large, multi-location setup. We also offer POS hardware and software solutions, including registers, and e-commerce websites.

All Cougar Mountain Software products are completely modular, so you only buy what your organization needs. POS is one of 9 accounting modules you can mix and match to create a custom accounting solution to meet your unique needs.

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Key Benefits of Point of Sale

  • Single screen transactions (from start to finish) for quick and error-free sales
  • Easy and secure electronic transactions of credit/debit cards, and gift cards
  • Integrated inventory management with our Inventory module
  • Customizable sales entry screens, sales receipts, and invoices
  • Refunds, special orders, voids, and authorized override transactions
  • Ability to post multiple registers at once
  • Employee access to only authorized information
  • Ability to control cash and balance registers daily
  • Real-time reports on sales by item, salesperson, register, and store
  • Set up several levels of security so employees have access to only specifically authorized information.
  • Define acceptable payment methods for each customer, and only those methods will be active during POS transaction entry.
  • Easily look up quantity/price breaks during sales entry to save time.
  • Set several different pricing levels, quantity discounts, and promotional pricing for selected customers.
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