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Order Entry Module

Denali Order Entry software (OE) has unparalleled functionality and flexibility. Our customers tell us they enjoy the low learning curve, multi-level security, and intuitive screens. Full integration with other Denali modules ensures accurate, up-to-date information with unequaled power.

If your business requires the management and execution of invoices, orders, and sales, it’ll run a whole lot smoother with OE behind the scenes.

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Key Benefits of Order Entry

  • Customize invoices, quotes, and work orders
  • Provide a sales history for every customer
  • Fully integrate with Inventory, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable
  • Process sales
  • Provide customer-specific pricing and price levels
  • Allow multiple ship-to addresses
  • Adjust sales tax based on destination
  • Customize the transaction screen specific to your business needs
  • Complete single-screen entries
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