Purchase Order

Purchase Order Module

The Purchase Order software (PR) is an optional part of the inventory control process. It integrates with other Denali modules to perform multiple inventory tasks.

A purchase order is a commercial document and the first official offer issued by a buyer to a seller. It indicates types, quantities, and agreed-to prices for products or services. Denali’s PO provides several features to help manage users’ purchase orders, invoicing, and allow them to view vendor history.

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Key Benefits of Purchase Order

  • Manage orders from the initial order through receiving and invoicing.
  • View vendor history, previous item costs, and order/receive dates for all orders.
  • Automatically generate purchase orders based on demand, quantity on hand, minimum quantity, and order quantity.
  • Control buyer access to saved purchase orders, vendors, and stock item information.
  • Permit buyers to edit, view, or generate orders.
  • Use requisitions to further control your purchasing process.
  • There are a variety of reports available that provide information about items you ordered, when they are expected, and the vendors from which you ordered them.
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